The Second Chapter (2022)

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Ema, a woman in her fifties, begins to get to know herself better because her husband, after 25 years of marriage, abandons her for a younger woman. She is disappointed and upset with everyone.Lonely and hurt, she decides to take over the direction of life.In twelve months, she is open to new experiences that she had been missing during 25 years of being just a housewife. She learns to drive, goes out with other men, comes to good terms with her daughter and her mother, falls in love and is disappointed, returns to her old passion and starts to work as a theatre director. In the end, she finds the strength to forgive her ex-husband and finds peace with her family, her ex-husband’s family and her boyfriend.

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Original screenplay
Elkjana Gjipali
Elkjana Gjipali


Jonid Jorgji

Festivals/Awards: The top prize for a project, colour grading prize by Kosovo company “In my Country Production” (services)

The second chapter / Albania / Elkjana Gjipali (director/ scriptwriter) Jonid Jorgji (producer)

“This film tells a moving story that will evoke desperation, dismay and sadness, as well as delight, happiness and joy.  It portrays an important chapter in the life of a woman, a wife, a mother and an artist, a main character the audience can and will relate to easily. The producer and the writer-director gave us a wonderful pitch that instilled confidence that this film is not only being made by the right creative talent, but that they are capable and ready to make high-quality cinema. It is definitely one of the 2021 films we want to see as soon as it is ready.”