nameis a new age film company based in Albania. We handle pre-production, production and post-production, with an in house high quality studio. In addition, we have a new approach for distribution in film festivals and video on demand.

We welcome international co-production and are open for collaborations as a local partner. This company is managed by a group of young film makers and professionals who share a new vision about film making in Albania.

We are passionate about our field of expertise and we are committed in creating a new quality standard based on a key feature: professionalism. We love production, creation and originality, but over all we do love the job well done.

Our bet is on the creation of an interconnected network based on a basic principle: communication. EJF Production brings together the best production and post-production talents available in Albania that are highly trained and internationally experienced. Wherever, whatever and however you want to shoot and realize your project, discuss it with us and we will organize the necessary location, cast, crew, equipment and permits.
Rely on us to help you find the best and most budget – friendly solutions and competently handle anything- from your simplest requests to the most complex projects.  We are always in search of collaborations with creative minds.

Let’s work together! Drop us an email to get started!

Elkjana Gjipali

Elkjana Gjipali has 10 years of experience in film productions in Albania.

She is the screenwriter and director of the movies  ‘Life on a Carousel’ and ‘Horoscope’  that are selected in  festivals like ‘Drama Film Festival‘Girona film Festival‘See Film Festival Paris’ .

In 2015 she was the Project Manager of the feature movies movies ‘Sex Perralle dhe Celulare’, the first feature released,  followed by ‘Pit Stop Mafia’ and ‘Hije’ released in May 2016.          These productions together with the distribution line have made her a key influential player in the film market in Albania.


Jonid Jorgji 

Jonid Jorgji is one of the most promising directors and scriptwriters in Albania. His first short movie, ‘Everyone Cries’, was supported by SEE Cinema Networkek and has been selected in A-film festivals as Clermont Ferrand. He is the creative director of the first broadcasting channel regarding documentaries of life actions in Albania.

The offer of services from conceptualization to script writing through music scoring, filming, editing, color correction, and motion graphics represents a complete range provided in the highest technical formats reflecting the technological advancements of the last two years.

The group of people that will be working directly with the project submitted related to the development of the film “Three Lions to Venice” represents the brightest young Albanian film makers characterized by high level of dedication and passion combined with rigor and artistic discipline. Their film making experiences in the last decade have covered all the aspects of film production and they have shown not only success, but also maturity in managing the successes they have achieved. A core team of 5 people will be working together in the development stage in order to make this film project fit for production. In the lifetime of this project they will go through every stage of script development, film financing and pre-production, in order to secure a smooth and successful transition to production, post-production and distribution in Albania and Italy. Through this project they intend to learn from the European experience, while developing models of cooperation for this film and other projects.